Arrived in Anchorage on Friday afternoon and got checked into the Marriott hotel. Not exactly roughing it but it IS cold outside dropping to the single digits at night and getting up into the twenties F (< 0 C) during the day.

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Getting Our Skis at the Anchorage Airport

I did a little skiing on Friday afternoon on the coastal trail near the hotel. The wind made it it feel very cold! I went and bought a ski mask at a local outfitter shop in case I need it for the race.

Click to EnlargeForecast for Sunday, marathon day is clear with light winds at 25 F / -4 C.  Perfect conditions!

Not so perfect is the early awakening of bears around Anchorage. The City bears awaken early article in the Anchorage Daily News describes the recent sitings. Oh well. As the article says the moose are more dangerous anyway. One of our coaches had to stop because of a moose on the freeway on-ramp while leaving the airport.  They are definitely around.

A moose was seen on the trail during a previous run of the Tour of Anchorage. A teammate smacked its rump while skiing past.  Bad idea. They will charge, kick and stomp. The moose ignored that past teammate but we have been warned to keep our distance and do not approach or touch them. “Please Do Not Goose the Moose”

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